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calieste asked:

hi i was just wondering which god/goddess from pjo/hoo is your parent? try this link :3 readswaytoomuch[.]deviantart[.]com/journal/Which-god-from-Percy-Jackson-is-your-parent-335741601


[ ] You are a natural leader 
[x] You are interested in meteorology 
[ ] You would love to be able to fly
[x] You’re not afraid of/you love thunderstorms
[x] The ability to control air and electricity is appealing to you
[ ] Eagles are among your favorite animals
[ ] You get angry when people ignore you or don’t listen to you
[ ] Pride is one of your biggest flaws
[x] You can sometimes be a bit overdramatic
[x] Even though you try to be fair, you sometimes come off as hypocritical

[ ] Swimming and/or canoeing are among your favorite things to do
[ ] You love taking trips to the beach
[ ] You get along well with horses, or you love them 
[x] You have often wished for the power to breath underwater
[x] The ability to control water sounds awesome
[ ] Your loyalty to the ones you love is your weakness
[x] You can be a bit moody and temperamental at times
[x] You are interested in seismology or marine biology
[x] Dolphins and sharks are your favorite animals (or one of your favorite animals)
[x] You have an overall caring personality

[ ] You tend to make people feel nervous around you
[x] You are interested in Geology or Forensic Science
[x] You sometimes feel a bit lonely
[ ] Your weakness is that you tend to hold grudges
[ ] Most people don’t see your kinder side because you hide it by being cold
[ ] You crave power over darkness and the dead
[ ] You are drawn to gemstones and precious metals
[x] When you are in a relationship, you are deeply devoted to that person
[x] You often feel like you don’t belong in the group
[x] You can be quite cynical at times

[ ] You value intelligence and wit highly
[ ] It is a bad idea to get in your way, because you will never give up until you are finished
[x] You prefer to think things through, rather than start working on a problem immediately 
[ ] You tend to let logic get in the way of your emotions
[x] Owls are among your favorite animals
[x] You like sewing, crocheting, and other types of arts and crafts
[ ] You are interested in architecture
[ ] You don’t like the idea of someone else being better at something than you
[x] You usually regret losing your temper after you see the damage
[ ] You have arachnophobia 

[ ] You pick fights with other people a lot
[x] Dogs or wolves are your favorite animals
[x] You like learning about different types of weapons and famous wars
[ ] With a few exceptions, people generally don’t like you
[ ] If you had a power, it would be to have the best fighting abilities ever
[x] You have a short temper
[ ] You charge into situations without thinking things through
[ ] You love playing first-person shooter games like Call of Duty and Halo
[ ] You love violence in general
[ ] You are brave and very protective of your friends

[x] You have always wanted to/ you love to travel
[x] You love playing pranks
[ ] You can be very sneaky
[x] You try to help other people a lot 
[x] You are pretty accepting of others
[x] You’re good at using phones and the internet
[ ] You’ve been known to try all kinds of things
[ ] You often rely on your sixth sense or intuition
[ ] If you wanted to, you could steal something without people noticing
[ ] You love watching sports competitions or even participating

[x] People have told you that they think you are beautiful/handsome.
[ ] You are good at convincing people to do things
[ ] You can read relationships very well
[x] You believe in spreading love (not necessarily romantic) and beauty
[ ] You can speak French
[ ] You can see possibilities more clearly than other people
[x] You like pretty things
[/] You may have been described as a “girly girl” or in a boy’s case, “cute” or “hot” (uhh…i have not been called a girly girl but i have been called cute…a lot)
[ ] People sometimes underestimate you

[x] You are good with your hands
[x] You like tinkering with things
[ ] You prefer inanimate objects over human company
[x] You wish you had the power to summon and control fire
[ ] You fiddle with things in your hands when you are nervous
[ ] You have built a robot or some sort of contraption before
[ ] You tend to fall in love with people who you feel are too good for you
[x] You are afraid of heights
[x] You have a bit of an inferiority complex
[x] You love creating things

[ ] You love sunbathing
[x] You like archery and/or are very good at it
[ ] You like writing poetry and/or songs
[ ] You know how to give first aid
[ ] You are good at anything involving launching projectiles (i.e. basketball)
[ ] You can play an instrument
[x] You are afraid of the dark
[ ] You sometimes have premonitions about things that are going to happen
[ ] Sometimes you can be a bit of a flirt
[ ] You have sharp senses

[ ] You like gardening
[x] You would love to have the power to control plants
[ ] You can be a bit bossy at times
[ ] You argue with other people a lot
[x] You love flowers
[x] You are passionate about nature conservation
[x] You eat a lot of grain products
[ ] Poppies are one of your favorite flowers
[x] Geckos or snakes are your favorite animals 
[ ] You feel an unusual sadness as summer changes to fall and then to winter

[ ] You’re a real party animal
[x] You like grapes/grape juice/wine/kool aid/diet coke
[x] You love the theater
[ ] You think leopards are the coolest animals ever
[ ] If you could have any power, it would be to literally drive people insane
[ ] You become a bit hyperactive when you’ve had too much of your favorite drink
[x] You like playing Pac-Man
[ ] You believe that a REAL party is an extravagant one
[ ] You hate being restricted in any way
[x] Sometimes you tend to go overboard when you are planning things

I’m either a child of Hephaestus/Vulcan or Poseidon/Neptune (・◇ ・) though im still convinced i would be a child of hypnos

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